Troubleshooting (Follow App)

Why am I not receiving glucose notifications from the Dexcom Follow app?

There are several reasons you may not receive expected notifications.
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Why am I being asked to update my phone's operating system (OS) to continue getting Dexcom Follow app updates?

When an OS you’re using is no longer supported for your Dexcom Follow app, we will ask you to update your OS to continue getting app updates. Your current Dexcom Follow app version will continue to work.

What should I do if the Dexcom Follow app says that notifications are off?

You will need to enable notifications from the Dexcom Follow app in your compatible smart device settings.

The Dexcom Follow app displays the word Removed, and I can't send a new follower invite. How do I fix this and start sharing my glucose data again?

If the Dexcom Follow app shows the word Removed, this means that the sharer has canceled sharing with this follower.

Software Updates

Why am I being asked to update my Dexcom app?

We continually make updates to our apps that include performance improvement…

Pairing and Connectivity Issues

My system seems to be experiencing an outage. What do I do?

Please visit for real-time updates on the status of Dexcom products.
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